First you should know: Snake-zone.com is placed in Denmark (Europe)

snake-zone.com reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
Although the animals we offer are investment quality,
we expect them to be treated with respect, housed and cared for properly.

Here at snake-zone.com we pride ourselves 
on the quality of our livestock. All snakes, bred 
by us will be healthy, feeding on rodents 
of the appropriate size, and correctly sexed (unless 
otherwise agreed).

From time to time we may offer animals that have 
not been bred at snake-zone.com we cannot 
offer the same guarantee as those we have bred ourselves.

At snake-zone.com we keep meticulous records of 
each, and every one of the animals in our care. Records 
will be supplied on collection/delivery of the animal(s). 
The records will show details pertaining to feeding, 
and shedding, they will also include information on 
the animals parents, regular weigh ins, and the date 
the animal hatched.

All snakes must be paid in full prior to shipping or 
collection. Payment can be made by cash (cash must be 
sent by guaranteed delivery), personal cheques (cheques 
must clear before delivery/collection), and direct bank 

Collection is always recommended/preferred, as this 
ensures the animal(s) safety. Delivery can be organised 
with a courier (at purchasers expense), but 
snake-zone.com takes no responsibility for any 
injury and/or death resulted in from Shipping.

As an enthusiastic reptile breeder we are always 
looking to expand and diversify our collection and 
may from time to time be interested in trades, and/or 
partial trades for other species/specimens, just ask 
we can only say no.

Animals we may be interested in include: 
Ball python-mutations, both mutations we are working 
with and those we are not (No Hets, unless from 
reputable breeders). 
- Other High-end species of snake. 
CB adult female Royal pythons.

In the unlikely event you are unhappy with our animals, 
you must contact us within hours of receiving the 
animal(s) depending on circumstances we may either 
replace them (if stock allows), or refund the purchase 
price upon the return to us of the original animal.

We must be notified immediately if there are any 
complications with the animal. We require the return 
of expired animals to conduct an independent 
veterinarian evaluation to determine cause of death. 
Final determination will be at the sole discretion 
of Ball-python.. We recommend you sex your snakes on 
arrival therefore in the unlikely event of a mistake 
on our part this can be rectified. All, If 
any, obligations of snake-zone.com cease if 
you do not contact snake-zone.com within the 
24 hours, we will assume that you are happy with 
your snakes and therefore we have no further 
responsibility for them.

By placing an order with snake-zone.com you 
acknowledge and accept the terms the conditions 
stated here which can be amended at our discretion 
at any time.